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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome to the family!

~*[LOTHAR]WindY & [LOTHAR]PlaymatE*~*

Who have just joined us last week!

Lets start by introducing [LOTHAR]WindY, A.K.A Jie, or Jay Chao. Who is officially the most lengzai member in the clan since he claims to be Jay Chao. Unfortunately his sister always hogs his IMBA webcam (causing a massive 500-2000 ping spike during CS), and also meaning we probably won't get to see his Jay Chao face on msn anytime soon! XD

Because he moves like the Wind, Jie is the best stacker in the team so far, but he can also create havoc with the AK, M4, and AWP. Some eye witnesses report seeing him wall-banging [LOTHAR]KobE to death. Only to be wall banged back by KobE! xD


Moving on to [LOTHAR]PlaymatE, A.K.A-Yip Siang, or SianG, for short. Though still a freshie in CS 1.6, SianG makes up for his experience in competitive DotA play and still maintains his rank as captain in his DotA clan-EZ. However, playing other FPS games like Wolfteam has made SianG a budding CS player. He has potential to take on my role as a rusher/initiator in the future, the difference between him and me is his uncanny ability to survive after rushing, while I don't. xD

Unfortunately due to a rocky start during SianG's recruitment period, he is now under a one week "trial period" set by [LOTHAR]Zw3N. During that period, this case is anytime subject to "[LOTHAR] expelling act section (5)"-see below. So if all goes well, SianG will be officially a new family member in no time! :D

Okay last but not least, lets give [LOTHAR]H0mE his long deserved baby shower :D
This illusive friend of KobE has joined us for quite some time now, but is rarely sighted by anybody. SO lets give a cheers to H0mE, whom we only know by qwespol as his Garena id. Welcome to the family at last :D


Monday, March 29, 2010


I just found out it stands for Graphical User Interface -___-!

Anywayz, check out what I've done to my college computer lab CS!!! XD

This GUI is called ROCCAT. Kewl huh?

Awesome loading...I cant stop staring at the blueness @.@
Even the starting menu is slightly different 0.0
But I have yet to discover how to use those record demo buttons lol.

Wokie wokie...I uploaded all this in college and I gtg now. class at 2. Ciao!


Glory to [LOTHAR]~!

There has been a recent spike in [LOTHAR] activity in and around Garena. This post is to keep ya'll peeps updated incase anyone missed out on the "[A]ction" ;P

Lets start with our recent hyper activity in Garena CS Malaysia Room. Ok is it just me or are more and more people requesting to join [LOTHAR]? Within the previous week itself I've had 3 or 4 strangers from Garena PMing me and requesting permission to join us. EG: "Twist." and "Chickenzaii", whom, because of our unfamiliarity with them, we shall observe more before making any decision. Anyone got any further information about them...?

PS: Side note to the first topic...I've also noticed alot of people using our beloved [LOTHAR] tags on their IGN. Though we can't forbid them from doing so, I think creating a clear cut name list of all [LOTHAR] members should give us a better sense of who's who. Especially for our new members :)

Which reminds me to post a separate welcome post for our latest members later :D

Lastly...On the DotA side of things, I'd like to inform ya'll that our core members, mainly me, Zwen, and Leon shall be taking part in an amateur DotA competition in Onenet, Klang on the 10th and 11th April. We are still currently unsure about who are the 2 other players who will join us for this comp. I have a few unreliable friends that seem to be incapable of giving me a definite answer to this. Though, note, our new probationary member-SianG-has volunteered to join us incase my friends really don't turn up. With such an unstable current position, it is best that our team prepare some substitute players. For example: if both my friends turn up for the competition and SianG also turns up, then anyone of them can choose to play or become substitutes or vice versa. Since registration for each team is RM70, this amount will be fairly divided into /5 /6 /7, depending on how many players+substitutes actually make it. Fair? Open for suggestions.