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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clan War [Yet to be confirmed]

Well, today tubbie pm-ed me with this :-

[15:50:16]T3L3TuBbi3SssSs Say:
[15:50:16]T3L3TuBbi3SssSs Say:
[15:50:17]T3L3TuBbi3SssSs Say:
[15:50:21]T3L3TuBbi3SssSs Say:
u tell puppy
[15:50:29]T3L3TuBbi3SssSs Say:
this thursday
[15:50:41]T3L3TuBbi3SssSs Say:
got 1 clan want fite u all
[15:50:48]T3L3TuBbi3SssSs Say:
clan name >> teen titans...
[15:50:57]T3L3TuBbi3SssSs Say:
they ask me to tell u all
[15:51:2]T3L3TuBbi3SssSs Say:
this thursday
[16:22:2]devilzwen Say:
[16:22:6]devilzwen Say:
thursday we cant one
[16:22:7]devilzwen Say:

I've got no idea who the hell are these teentitans, but amy said that they were tough.. ==

So, pup, the goddess of LOTHAR, what do you say? Chiong or not chiong? XD

nyway, oso takin this post as a test to see whether am i able to post shits.. xD

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