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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Clan reformed!
at 2.30pm
LeoN transfered clanlordship over to GuitarGid and therefore humbly degrading himself to a member
lool... XD


Gid (me) has now updated all clan information in the forum.
-I have promoted LeoN from member to Captain
-YapEugene to Examiner
-changed nickname and will now appear as [LOTHAR]PiggY in the clan chat list.
-will be kicking out .ABC from clan if he does not respond or even come online.
-posted blog link in forum.


for now I shall
-contact Mickey to find out if she still play CS or even login Garena
-send clan invitation to Senhua (Iwan) to rejoin clan
-recruit new members as soon as I get back to Klang
-play dota with Leon now XD!!

-if any of you wish to be promoted to any rank (except clan lord XDD) please inform me, I shall do so immediately.
-Thank you for all your cooperation! LeoN for transferring CL title, Iwan for leaving clan(though not necessary), Eugene for coming online for the support, and all of you clannies who remained ever so faithful to [LOTHAR] XD!!!

Once again, happy birthday to Zwen!



Haha....just to make things official.

Well it is now midnight and officially the 31st of December 2009, thus, [LOTHAR] has also reached the end of its year. After today, [LOTHAR] will begin a new chapter and a new year! Though hopefully with the same tag and same members!

Glad also to hear that Iwan will be starting a new division for [LOTHAR] In COD. And with that, [LOTHAR] takes a giant step into the new year!

I shall now announce that the reform scheduled to take place 3PM today shall begin!


PS: Happy Birthday to Zwen!!!XD

Monday, December 28, 2009

countdown to reform!

Only 3 more days till [LOTHAR] officially "closes" and reopens as a new clan.

Just making sure everyone gets the headsup, or else I'll certainly be recruiting alot of new members when I get home to Klang! XD

Alright have fun for now while I'm away =D ciao...

Saturday, December 19, 2009


In accordance with LeoN's last post,

I have an important announcement to make about our reform as well as filling in the details.

I have recently reached lvl 25 on my Garena account, thus enabling me to create a new clan on my own. This will allow us to recruit more members without paying more money.

After discussing with LeoN and a few other members including Iwan, we have decided to remake [LOTHAR] as a Garena clan under my name (since I am the only one having enough lvl to do so). This would automatically mean transferring the Clan Lord title to me. Which all this while has been with LeoN since he bought the clan sometime ago. If anyone has any objections to me being Clan Lord, I shall receive any comments kindly. Lastly, this reform would tell us which of us are active or not :)

HOWEVER, This transfer would require a few steps and the coorporation of all LOTHARIANS:

1. Our existing clan [LOTHAR] must be disbanded. This would mean kicking everyone out of the clan for a minutes while the new clan is being created.
2. Immediately after termination, I shall create a new clan under the same clan tag "LTHAR" if possible, if it says clan tag already in use, I shall resort to using similar names...maybe "LOTAR"? (open for suggestions).
3. Being online is therefore of utmost importance for members who would like to rejoin [LOTHAR]. I'll send the clan invitation to all our existing members. If you can't make it online during 3PM, be sure to accept the invitation whenever convenient.
4. Either me or Leon will be online most of the time if you need any assistance with the transfer. My email:
5. long live [LOTHAR] :)


New layout!

eh guys..
took me quite some time to make this out
I gotta say, it looked a lot better in my head

what do you think about the sniper guy in the bottom right?
im thinking of removing it
whatever happens, I'm keeping the dragon peeping at side of the chatbox
that was some tricky work =)
and what about the "dragon-lothar-divider" after each post?
im thinking of removing the dragon here lol
it looks way too big and takes up space
but if i further scale it, it wouldn't be nice =(

currently designing a divider for the sidebar
the line of dots looks way too dull
oh.. and overall it the page looks awfully lacking of color?
will attend to that after the sidebar thingy

To Do List:
1. sidebar divider
2. background (which would need a series of screenshots, ew..)
3. if the background doesn't add much color, then i'll go to the fonts
4. do sumtin about the LOTHAR Acts below, to make it more interesting
5. full member list
6. navigation bar (which I have absolutely no idea how to make one, now. but i know where to learn xD)

but the codes are all me XD

LOTHAR will be having a reformation on the 31/12
an official transfer of ClanLordShip to PiggY!
members please do not panic if you happen to be kicked out of the present clan
I believe I've informed everyone tho
after that, the recruitment begins =)

and school begins. #@$^@$%&


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

why I'm not CS-ing recently..?

that's why
just one of the mad bugs I'm experiencing lately.
it's auto-reseting and restarting itself.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


here here
just to feed you guys a lil
the new LOTHAR header and background

sorry laaa
im currently busy with this competition
a story competition hosted by
im running short of time in this as well