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Monday, May 10, 2010


Phew!!! Finally after years of seeing "Sorry, this clan is already full." [LOTHAR] has upgraded its member capacity by +5! This means [LOTHAR] now has a total maximum capacity of 15 members! SO get out there and grab somemore new family members!!! XD

Below is proof of transactions:
Neh...the upgrade clan members by 5 option costs 19 GG shells.
Currency exchange rates:
20 GG shells = RM14.
RM 20 = 2000 Mol Points
Unfortunately 7-11 doesn't sell only 1400 Mol points. Thus, RM 20 (2000 Mol points) is needed to purchase 20 GG shells (RM 14).
so RM20-RM14=RM6.
*This RM6 balance will be shared out later among Lotharians as duit kopi during our next outing :D
This morning I bought 2000 Mol points from 7-11 in Brickfields. Used them to buy 20 GG shells.
20 GG shells - 19 GG shells = 1 GG shell (shown above as the balance in my account).

This page shows the item purchase log of my GG account. Well according to Garena, the purchase has already been made. So have fun member hunting!
Congratulations and a very Big thanks to all those involved and contributed in making this upgrade possible, including Iwan, Deva, Zwen and Leon. Together we grow as one.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome Presto and Pet~Pet AND SubZero!!!! xD

Presto a.k.a Trishan, Pet~pet a.k.a KeeNas, AND |$ubz[e]Ro| a.k.a Devaagar has just joined our happy family :D

We hope that you guyz have fun growing accustomed to our whacky ways in the coming weeks and have fun knowing us in the process! xD In the mean time, just feel free to nudge us on our clan chat or talk at ease here, in the presence of our dear Lotharian dragon. Let all those who dare come forth before it speak with honour and dignity (and brains).
Anyway, nudging us on clan chat would be the preferable way :)
As such, I've promoted you both to squad leaders with the ability to nudge already. I'd also like to make it clear that these so-called clan ranks mean nothing in [LOTHAR]. As Iwan pointed out, [LOTHAR] emphasises equality and fairness, thus I only promote anyone and everyone here with the intention to give everyone a fair chance at nudging each other! Or on a more important note, to give every Lotharian the ability to summon each other in times of need.

Other methods of contacting us would be through MSN or our individual phone numbers. Please feel free to ask them from us if you wish to.

Last but not least I want you guyz to know that [LOTHAR] is a democratic clan. This means we make decisions together and collectively as a team, as a family. No decision about anything is made without consulting with other members of the family. This also means that if you guyz have any disagreements with the way things are run in this family, its ok to voice it out freely, and we'll sort things out the civilised way :)

*PS: This policy isn't here for no reason. Experience from the past few weeks has taught me that failure to consult with my members had led to confusion, arguments, and unrest within the clan. Our happy family almost fell apart because I had disobeyed these laws and made a stupid decision alone which had brought nothing but shame to the clan. I hope this dark history will not be repeated by anyone in our clan ever again.

Ok anywayz, its really good to have you both on board. I respect and admire your abilities in the game, such as KeeNas' imba Deagle and Presto's gay AWP. With little doubt, you both have sharpened [LOTHAR]'s sword and bolstered our shields. We really hope you guyz will stay here for long and enjoy our friendship as much as we enjoy yours :D

Glory to [LOTHAR]~!

PS: I edited this post because I realised we haven't yet given Deva a welcome bash either xD here it is! *punch!* Okay now your officially a Lotharian xP