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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Autumn's Concerto.

Was the name of our team for the HELP Cyber Games last Saturday!

Here was the line up of our very impromptu team :


Although we didn't win anything but we sure did return home with alot more experience and some new found friends. But most of all, we had lots of fun =)

We kicked started the game with a 16-2 score lead against team Kyong during the preliminary match. They were a newly formed team as well but they put all a good fight towards the middle of the game where (I remember) they performed an amazing B site rush and defused our bomb at the last second in de_dust2.
Moving on, we fought team GSe. in the quarter finals in the map de_inferno and ended up with a 15-15 draw score. A tie breaker match where each team played 3 rounds each on CT and T to determine the winning score of the game. Alas, being less prepared and less experienced than team GSe we were beaten by a score of 4-2 during the tiebreaker. Finally, it was the supperb WCG junior team TYT that ultimately took home the grand prize.

Having said that, I think our team played pretty well even up against such seasoned teams. Being a newbie to the world of competitive pro gaming, I find it almost impossible not to learn a thing or two from the real stars of the show that day. I DO look forward to seeing these guys on the battlefield again in the future =)

Decicated to those
with the love and spirit for the game:
Team TYT
Team Gse
Team Kyong
All my beloved Lotharians.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heads up guyz! There is mini counterstrike 1.6 tournament held in HELP University College in Damansara on the 28th of August (this Saturday) OMG! Prize money for the champion is a whopping RM2000! While RM1000 and RM 500 for the 1st and 2nd runner-ups respectively.
And the best part is, registration fee is FREE OF CHARGE!

I'm so sorry I had just only found out about this. Online registration has long since closed, but there are still walk-in sign-ups available (I will call the people in charge to confirm this).
For more information about the rules and regulations on the competition please go to this link:

I know this is real sudden but I just had to blog about it anyway :P
To hell with practice! Lets just take this opportunity to have fun and meet our fellow Lotharians and Garenians (if any show up).

Edit: I just called up HELP college and apparently there are still slots available! Great!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yet another boring.

I'm growing a habit of blogging about people who accuse me of hacking.
This is as an initiative to tell Garena and the whole world that Lotharians do not hack. Despite popular make-beliefs.
Those who have the guts to step up and testify against me, please do so.

In this case, we see an accuser by the name of "pumpHead"saying that I use wallhack in Xman-2003. He was so convinced that I hack he called other players to spec how I play, with no response.
Later, I traced his ip and found his Garena id : kambing2k

Kambingy2k, I challenge you to a LAN match. Here's my number 017-2919291.
You are henceforth banned from my room until you accept.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Disappointing gamers.

It friggin' PISSES me off when I'm on a killing spree and everyone around around me is convinced I wallhack. Please look at the picture below:

Here we see butz klauser and [n0].name having a nice chat in my console, after I headshot them both through a crate:

butz(All): "Pro wow =.="
[no].name(Terrorst): "waller?"
butz(Terrorist): "ya"
butz(Terrorist): "I no believe got pro in cs..."

The last sentence angers me the most.
Because this insults every decent CS player that ever existed.
I HATE those who do not BELIEVE.

Anyway thank GOD my old friend NewLeaf-No0b came and gave me a decent match after those 2 arses left my room. A challenge always helps to cool me down. Thx Isaac =)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


*yawn yawn yawn!*


Behold the PiggY has quit his job and slumped back into the realm of unemployment, studying & yes ofcourse, gaming!

Many thanks to my fellow comrades at HKV, who have taught me many valuable lessons that will carry me far in life. Much have I learned since my enrollment into the working class society. Hopefully the skills and knowledge that I have acquired over the 2 months in HKV has made me a better man and leader. However it is time to move on with my long term goals and continue pursuing my Law Degree.

Officially restarting my gaming lifestyle effective after 8PM, 4th August, 2010. (Which is tomorrow!) .

Garena here I come again =)