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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Alright, I've decided to dedicate myself to an "almost daily" update for our blog. Just so everyone knows whats going on in [LOTHAR], from my point of view at least.

Recent recruitment campaigns by me and LeoN (mostly LeoN), have been a complete success!

Our hunts have proven fruitful as more and more members of the Garena public decide to join the [LOTHAR] cause.

Our most recent members are:

1. Dessous-[LOTHAR] DessouS
2. KM/lun5051-[LOTHAR]KiLoMeteR

*welcome group hug!*

Heres a short description of how I came to know them.

1. DessouS- Purely by LeoN's recomendation. Good rusher/tanker. An ex-EMTF member.
2. LcN- Joined my room by chance. Caught my attention when he provided excelent coverfire.
3. KiloMeteR- Another accidental victim of my room. Started talking to me via in-game voicechat. Excelent counter-camper reflex shots. Turns out to be a real life friend of LcN.

These members will be subject to the [LOTHAR] Recruitment Act. Should all go well, [LOTHAR] will be 3 members more merrier in the next 2 weeks! Cheers!



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