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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Clan reformed!
at 2.30pm
LeoN transfered clanlordship over to GuitarGid and therefore humbly degrading himself to a member
lool... XD


Gid (me) has now updated all clan information in the forum.
-I have promoted LeoN from member to Captain
-YapEugene to Examiner
-changed nickname and will now appear as [LOTHAR]PiggY in the clan chat list.
-will be kicking out .ABC from clan if he does not respond or even come online.
-posted blog link in forum.


for now I shall
-contact Mickey to find out if she still play CS or even login Garena
-send clan invitation to Senhua (Iwan) to rejoin clan
-recruit new members as soon as I get back to Klang
-play dota with Leon now XD!!

-if any of you wish to be promoted to any rank (except clan lord XDD) please inform me, I shall do so immediately.
-Thank you for all your cooperation! LeoN for transferring CL title, Iwan for leaving clan(though not necessary), Eugene for coming online for the support, and all of you clannies who remained ever so faithful to [LOTHAR] XD!!!

Once again, happy birthday to Zwen!


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