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Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm here to announce that I shall not be as active as I use to be or might not be active at all
weekdays isn't likely, might be able to go for a game or two in the weekends tho

this is all due to the circumstances of my upper six life and my responsibilities there
1. Thanks to the new system the geniuses in our government implemented specifically to the form6 students (classes now ends at 3.30).
2. Refer to point 1. my tuition classes follow up after that
3. I'm the head of my club and I've to plan and put in motion a thing or two every week
4. I'm the one responsible to distribute newspapers and collect money from teachers and classes. (I'm the one with the accounts)
5. I'm also one of the editors for the school mag.

and of that..
I won't be as active =(

a few holidays are coming up
lets put our hopes there lol

1 comment:

  1. tsk tsk tsk...Kesian betul...

    No worries...I think everyone on Garena is just as busy XD

    Though I dont consider myself one of them xP

    PS: The govt has done much more than prolonging school hours lol...Heres a prayer request for your club : Stop those evil bastards from torching God's houses at will! God save the churches! Amen. Peaceout~