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Monday, May 10, 2010


Phew!!! Finally after years of seeing "Sorry, this clan is already full." [LOTHAR] has upgraded its member capacity by +5! This means [LOTHAR] now has a total maximum capacity of 15 members! SO get out there and grab somemore new family members!!! XD

Below is proof of transactions:
Neh...the upgrade clan members by 5 option costs 19 GG shells.
Currency exchange rates:
20 GG shells = RM14.
RM 20 = 2000 Mol Points
Unfortunately 7-11 doesn't sell only 1400 Mol points. Thus, RM 20 (2000 Mol points) is needed to purchase 20 GG shells (RM 14).
so RM20-RM14=RM6.
*This RM6 balance will be shared out later among Lotharians as duit kopi during our next outing :D
This morning I bought 2000 Mol points from 7-11 in Brickfields. Used them to buy 20 GG shells.
20 GG shells - 19 GG shells = 1 GG shell (shown above as the balance in my account).

This page shows the item purchase log of my GG account. Well according to Garena, the purchase has already been made. So have fun member hunting!
Congratulations and a very Big thanks to all those involved and contributed in making this upgrade possible, including Iwan, Deva, Zwen and Leon. Together we grow as one.

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