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Sunday, September 5, 2010

[LOTHAR] vs. [Team RvL.]

Our very first "international" CS 1.6 match was held yesterday on the 4th of September 2010! Well sort of anyway, because we played against Team RvL - a well known and established clan in their Singapore heartland!

Though the match had been planned in less than a week, both sides cooperated really well to bring their members together just in time for the impromptu match yesterday night! Less than RM1 of phone bills was wasted...well at least on my part :P

The 5v5 match took place in de_dust 2. Much excitement filled the atmosphere as both teams saddled up for the match! With Team RvL packing an awesome line up of players such as RvL NEMRAC, RvL xHaZeR, RvL Godlike, and so forth. While our very own line up consisted of...well... Just about EVERY Active Lotharian! But these were the few lucky victims who actually played the game xD :


Other Lotharians we're seen stalking the match room coming or staying in spectator mode which we're LeoN, ScreaM, and KobE all eager for a piece of action.

Eventually after many technical delays the match kick started with an alley knife match, where a hilarious blood bath ensued, after which, Lothar fell prey to RvL's stabs and pokes (I think first blood was me? xD) Thus, it was decided that Lothar played as CT and Rvl as T respectively.

Later on, Lothar fought RvL with round after round of various tactical and position changes. Not surprisingly, RvL countered almost all of our plans and strategies with their own. Eventually we kept finding ourselves in the midst of having to fight them off with 3 continuos eco-rounds in order to stand a chance at hitting a single enemy! Unfortunately for us, RvL proved to be the better clan, and the match resulted in a landslide victory for Team RvL! 16-0 woots!

This match with RvL has thought my clan some new tricks as well as how to improve on old ones, and as they say, the best lessons are often learned the hard way. Thus I am grateful towards xHaZeR and his team of respectable sportsmen for sharing their skill with us Lotharians, in the way that would best teach us - by pawning us! xD

As the Lotharian in-game commander, I couldn't be happier with the whole process of training with my team and preparing for the match, though not the outcome of it. It is often said that the tourney we travel is more fruitful than the destination itself. After the match, I feel ever more confident to take on the next big challenge!

So, who's with me!? xD

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