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Friday, January 28, 2011


Hello peeps! Good to feel active again after a long hibernation during our holidays!
As with all new years come new resolutions. May the year 2011 bring upon a wave of new LOTHARian activity in Garena, LAN comps(hopefully), and Facebook!

Yes! We are now moving our mainstream activities to mainstream social networking! Fans from far and wide can now find us on our Facebook Fan Page! This shift towards a more transparent and wider discussion board is hoped to encourage ideas, strategies, gatherings, outings, pokes and likes from fans like YOU! As well as weeding out the unhealthy air of chatbox bickering from our cowardly "friends" :)

SO! Visit us on
AND don't forget to poke us as a sign of friendship and gayness :P

yours forever faithfully


  1. now is 2012 liao... wake up make lothar ROCK the CS world lol...

  2. I am awake lar. Every morning you see me in giga server. The rest of [LOTHAR] now only reinstall back cs -.-