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Monday, April 5, 2010

De_Dust 2!

This is an overview of [LOTHAR]'s motherland map... de_dust2, I have taken the liberty to label out the names of various hot spots and locations on the map, which are commonly used in-game.


1) I noticed some of our members are still unfamiliar with location names in the map.

2) You all seem confused at my commands, since most of the time they include player positioning, stacking, wall-spamming, map coordination, map timing, position timing, directional aiming, etc etc...all these require at least some basic sense of map awareness.

3) Having a common knowledge on what names to call which places makes it easier for us to coordinate with each other.

4) For example if I call for an "Alley crate stack & Prince of Persia stack", or anybody shouts NEED BACKUP! at "playground", we should be able to execute these moves with ease.

Enough said...I think you all get the idea. Just remember to spend some time studying these location names and getting familiar with them. If you all have any suggestions about my labeled overview, please do discuss it with everybody. For example changing place names/ relocate place names/ making names less complicated...or just about anything related to this post! This layout is only a test version I made for Lotharian use only...these names are not used in official tournaments.

Anywayz. I want to see FULL MAP AWARENESS in 2 weeks.
Thats an order xD


After we've mastered map coordination, I shall get into the details of what I call..."Techinical-game-play"...these will include controlling recoil, bullet damage calculation, distance, bullet penetration, wall spamming, footsteps, Bunnyhop, Duckwalk, camp sites, blindspots, angles and ALL other things that make Counter Strike 1.6 such an interesting game! :)

Here's a sneak peak at what kinda pictures I might be uploading on my Technical game-play
Notice anything strange about this screenshot? Enlarge to find out xD
SO...Stick around for more Lotharian updates!


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