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Thursday, April 22, 2010


I went to the PIKOM pc fair at KLCC convention centre the other day with my dad and I spent most of my time glued to the Razer booth. Even after I got home I couldn't put down my Razer catalouge and pricelist. Its probably the most touched object in my room right now! xD What was so awesome about the pc fair was that they allowed me to try practially ALL their mice and headphones on CS 1.6 and L4D! Here are some of their products I can't stop drooling about.

Lachesis...I find this one quite smooth but the problem with it is that its too large to fit my palm.

Abyssus...its small size makes it quite comfortable for a guy with small hands like me :D

Mamba, by far the most expensive mouse they were selling there(RM 417) besides the limited edition Boomslang. Expensive probably because of the insane 5600 DPI and its ability to switch from a wired mouse into a wireless battery powered mouse in an instant.

Here's the mouse that Gibson wanted to get. Though I never found the Orochi to my liking even after trying it out.

Meet my favorite mouse!! I fell in love with the Razer Naga at first sight, but once I touched it and tried it, I knew I simply HAD to get one someday. I mean c'mon? a 5600 DPI mouse for only RM 279!? 12 numbpad buttons ON THE MOUSE!? Which makes a total of 17 buttons plus those on the left click button. And OMG the comfort level of this thing!! I rather sleep with my Razer Naga on the roadside than a 5 star hotel. I mean seriously it melted into my hand as soon as a grabbed it and fired off a few clips from an M4. It felt like an extension of my hand. Those 12 numbpad buttons really didn't bother my thumb positioning at all. But staying just at thumb's length to give me the security that they will be there when I need them. Being an invoker player, I wonder if its really possible to find a warkey that could bind invoker skills to those numbpad buttons on the mouse?

Ah second cheapest mouse there which cost only RM99. Though I did find those orange non-slip lines on the side of the mouse to be quite irritating at some times.

No question about the value of this mouse. This upgraded version of the popular DeathAdder sells for RM 217 with 5600 DPI. No wonder it was the first mouse to completely sell out at the PC fair. People just swept it off the shelves.

MEGALODON - THE MOTHER OF ALL HEADPHONES. Its ridiculously comfortable given its mamoth size. Only thing is that this prehistoric 50 foot shark (its named after) will eat RM 519 from your wallet.

The Lycosa is the upgraded version of the Razer Tarantula. This thing is so shiny I can use it as a mirror.
PHEW! Ok I better stop now before I end up promoting their entire product list here. Anyway I have already gathered a few Razer enthusiasts who will be going to the next pc fair with me, including Gibson. Planning to bring a few more people in hopes of getting a bundle price discount :)

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