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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bursting the Bubble!

I woke up this morning with an echo of something someone said in our cbox sometime ago, and, if memory serves, I think it sounded like "Lothar lives in a contact with the outside world...bla bla bla" or something to that effect. I assume that what he means is that we Lotharians are overly intrinsic in our social behaviour and too self centered?

Hence, what better way to prove him wrong than to display a bloglist of other famous Garena clans! I hereby encourage all active Lotharians to put on their visiting hats and go trick or treating in other clan's blogs as if it were Halloween!

Besides this, I will be hosting rooms less frequently but instead join other hosts in Garena to spread the word that [LOTHAR] is a friendly clan =) We treat others like how we would like to be treated!

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