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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm working at HKV!

HKV stands for Hong Kong Video...
Nope, its not a porn site. (did I disappoint anybody? xD)

Its a local brand that sells its very own unique range of phones, netbooks, surround sound systems, dvd players and other accessories. Anyway, heres the link.
Go check out their phones and stuffs... they're ridiculously cheap!

Thus, I think this might bring the end of my gaming activities for now, well, at least a month. Since I'll be working starting today till end of July or beginning of August. Which by then I shall return home to continue my Law Degree, and hopefully, return home with enough money to buy better gaming equipment as well.

It is my hope that during my dormant phase, this clan will continue to prosper in garena and real life.

Don't worry I'll come back to gay once in a while :)
Miss me. Muaks!

Best regards~

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