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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Autumn's Concerto.

Was the name of our team for the HELP Cyber Games last Saturday!

Here was the line up of our very impromptu team :


Although we didn't win anything but we sure did return home with alot more experience and some new found friends. But most of all, we had lots of fun =)

We kicked started the game with a 16-2 score lead against team Kyong during the preliminary match. They were a newly formed team as well but they put all a good fight towards the middle of the game where (I remember) they performed an amazing B site rush and defused our bomb at the last second in de_dust2.
Moving on, we fought team GSe. in the quarter finals in the map de_inferno and ended up with a 15-15 draw score. A tie breaker match where each team played 3 rounds each on CT and T to determine the winning score of the game. Alas, being less prepared and less experienced than team GSe we were beaten by a score of 4-2 during the tiebreaker. Finally, it was the supperb WCG junior team TYT that ultimately took home the grand prize.

Having said that, I think our team played pretty well even up against such seasoned teams. Being a newbie to the world of competitive pro gaming, I find it almost impossible not to learn a thing or two from the real stars of the show that day. I DO look forward to seeing these guys on the battlefield again in the future =)

Decicated to those
with the love and spirit for the game:
Team TYT
Team Gse
Team Kyong
All my beloved Lotharians.

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