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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


After YEARS of suffering in the lawless Garena CS rooms, it is time for [LOTHAR] to ascend to the realm of Steam!

No doubt the level of game play and sportsmanship in steam will take some time for us humble Garenians to adapt to, but it is still better than staying in Garena to be called "confirmed hackers" everyday.

As I discovered, playing on steam is as simple as installing the NonSteam Halflife pack and searching for Malaysian dedicated servers. I have already made a link at the top right corner of the page. Click it to download the NonSteam installation pack (300MB) which I gotten from the Prestige server admin himself. Megaupload link is courtesy of [LOTHAR]LeoN.

As a kick start to our adventure in steam, I have accepted a challenge by RVL clan probably this coming saturday. Match will take place in none other than Prestige server using standard CAL rules. Excact time and date might be subject to availability of both sides players.
Current line up from [LOTHAR]:


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