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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Disappointing gamers.

It friggin' PISSES me off when I'm on a killing spree and everyone around around me is convinced I wallhack. Please look at the picture below:

Here we see butz klauser and [n0].name having a nice chat in my console, after I headshot them both through a crate:

butz(All): "Pro wow =.="
[no].name(Terrorst): "waller?"
butz(Terrorist): "ya"
butz(Terrorist): "I no believe got pro in cs..."

The last sentence angers me the most.
Because this insults every decent CS player that ever existed.
I HATE those who do not BELIEVE.

Anyway thank GOD my old friend NewLeaf-No0b came and gave me a decent match after those 2 arses left my room. A challenge always helps to cool me down. Thx Isaac =)

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